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Clinical Practice

  • Evaluation and treatment of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, psychological and emotional issues, autism, Asperger’s Disorder, Fragile X Syndrome and other related childhood disorders
  • Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy to teach pro-social behavior and social skills
  • Parental coaching and education
  • Family therapy


  • Provide consultation to schools – includes instructional models, behavior intervention, functional behavior assessment, environmental accommodations and data collection
  • Provide staff development and lectures to schools, parent groups and clinics

Consultation can include review of videotaped case studies, on site consultation or consultation at the clinic in Colorado Springs.

As far as Australia is concerned, Dr. Braden is the internationally acclaimed expert on educational and psychological issues in Fragile X Syndrome. She has provided private clinical sessions and presentations to large numbers of families and professionals on multiple occasions, in which she focused on practical day to day issues including living skills, social skills, vocational issues, independence and relationships. Her extensive clinical experience enables her to cover children and adults of both genders and all ages. Dr. Braden has that rare abilitiy to impart professional wisdom with emapthy and that is greatly appreciated by all of us.

Written on behalf of families and workers in FXS, Dr. Jonathan Cohen – President, Fragile X Alliance, Inc., Melbourne Australia