Every child enters the world with unique potential…

…and if you’re the parent or teacher of a child with developmental disabilities, you know that potential exists. The problem is – how do you bring it out? You know they can learn, you know they have something to contribute, but how do you manage their behavior? How do you adjust their environment? And how do you apply all their incidental knowledge?

I have spent many years helping others strike the right balance between the needs of children and the demands of the world around them. I have advised parents and education professionals around the world in the art and science of helping children with autism, Fragile X, and Asperger’s Disorder thrive. From teaching life skills at home to specialized curriculum in school, I can give you the tools you need to maximize your child’s potential.

I have been passionately committed to education my entire life. I started out as a teacher with a class of immigrant students in northern Colorado who spoke little English. From there, I went on to teach general education in Washington and special education in Colorado public schools. I am a licensed psychologist with educational endorsements in elementary education, special education and school psychology. In addition to my Ph.D., I hold a master’s degree in learning disabilities and emotional disturbances.

What the world is saying is saying about Marcia Braden:

Dr. Braden is the internationally acclaimed expert on educational and psychological
issues in Fragile X Syndrome
Dr. Jonathan Cohen – President Fragile X Alliance, Inc., Melbourne Australia